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Can I alter the design?
You can alter your interior slightly but the exterior design remains the same as approved by the company
What Payment Plan do you have?
We have two payment plans; the outright payment plan and instalment payment plan that runs from 0 to 6 months.
What is the title of the property?
Our properties has Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) and Right of Occupancy (R of O).
Where can I do my search to verify the property
You can verify the property at AGIS (Abuja Geographical Information System)
What are you selling, is it land or house?
We sell plots of lands that you can build at your own pace according to the company’s specification. We also build and sell houses. 
Besides the Payment for land, what other fees do I have to pay?
You will be required to pay Development levy which covers Your:
·       Architectural Drawings
·       Structural Drawings
·       Mechanical Drawings
·       Electrical Drawings
·       Setting out
·       Excavation.
The Development levy is paid when you are ready to commence work on your property.

You will also pay the Infrastructure Levy which covers for all the amenities within the Estate, this will be paid at carcass level that is immediately after roofing your house.
 The Infrastructure includes:
·       Good Road Network
·       Electricity
·       Drainage
·       Water Supply
·       Green Areas
You will also pay N10, 000 for the application form.

These charges are not applicable to our estates where we build and sell houses.
Is there a time limit to when I can build?
The Estate Policy allows for a grace period of 24 months (2 years), by when you should have started work on the property.

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  • +234-807-777-9287