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Mshel Jasper is an attractive project created to cater to persons who have an undying passion for peace as well as high taste and appeal for comfort in order to match a range of lifestyles. The three prototype ideas melded into a single breath-taking lifestyle along the busy airport road. This mansion exemplifies modern design with an exciting low-cost motif.

Excellent Landscape
Luxurious External Finishing
Designated Parking Space for 3 cars
Treated Water System
Friendly Neighborhood
Serene Environment
Good Road Networks
Parameter Fence
10 minutes drive to Novare Mall at airport road
20 minutes drive to the airport
20 minutes drive to Central Business Area
30 Minutes drive to wuse / wuse market

1. 5 Bedroom Duplex (Amolite)

AMOLITE is a five-bedroom fully detached duplex on 450 square meters. Its design is a monument to brilliance, great craftsmanship, and the finest luxury residence. Amolite is a work of art. The layout concept incorporates five great rooms, including a living and dining area, kitchen, sit-out and foyer, family leisure space, visitor’s toilet, and a boy's chamber.

2. 4 Bedroom Duplex (Jade)

JADE is a four-bedroom fully detached duplex built with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout. Its one-of-a-kind combination of modern architecture, creative building techniques, and cutting-edge design makes it an excellent dream family home. It has four fantastic rooms, as well as a living and dining area, a kitchen, a sit-out and lobby, a family relaxation area, and visitor's toilet.

3. 4 Bedroom Terrace (flourite)

FLOURITE is a four-bedroom terrace duplex on a 250sqm lot. This property complements its coastal setting well. The harmony with its surroundings may be ascribed to the creative use of neutral materials, which give this home a light and airy feel. The layout concept incorporates three wonderful rooms: a living and dining space, a kitchen, a sit-out and lobby, a family rest area, and visitor’s toilet.